Monday, July 31, 2006

Moving Mountains

I just love magazines like Scientific American, where I can glean useful information—like that climate moves mountains. This brings a whole new perspective to global warming...Good if you are a New Yorker who always wanted the Himalayas in your backyard. Not so good if you are someone who likes to ski in Switzerland, as opposed to the Mediterranean.


Blogger Randy said...

We often think only faith can move mountains but climate does play a big role. It's obvious that mountains influence climate but the inverse isn't so obvious. One of the big breakthroughs in geology in recent decades was the discovery of plate tectonics which explains how continents were formed and move as well as how mountains were shaped. Climate plays an intriguing role in that process.
So how does global warming play in this scenario? Well, our planet is warming up, no doubt about it. Some of it is due to natural causes beyond our control. In the normal cycle of temperature of our planet, we're at a relative low right now and the temperature is bound to rise. Some of it is also due to our human behaviour whereby our carbon dioxide and other emissions accelerate the pace of warming. Scientists are still trying to figure out what factors cause how big an effect but no one can dispute that something is going on. And yes, this will help shape the mountains but that will take a long time to be noticed.

9:33 PM  
Blogger L.L. Barkat said...

Thanks, my ASA friend. Any conferences coming up soon that will delve into some of this?

10:50 AM  

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