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On, In, and Around Mondays: 5 Great Reasons to Blog WordCandy

(photo by Sarah Elwell)

There's a new web app in town, still in Beta, but so cute and easy-to-use from your laptop or home computer. It's called WordCandy, and it's a simple way to wrap up quotes for a friend, or use as an announcement of something fun, or just speak your mind to the world.

As for us bloggers, it's got html code right there on the Send page, so we can add sweets to our blogging, easy as 1-2-3.

Why bother?

5 Great Reasons to Blog WordCandy

1. you've got nothing to write about, but you want to post something thoughtful and beautiful. Pick from cool sets of quotes, and wrap them up with great images. Try it. I did. :)

2. you want to inspire your readers on a regular basis, with great language and photography, using just a few clicks of a button. Post a single WordCandy and it's ready inspiration. Great for those "in-between" blogging days

3. You're looking for a cool writing prompt. For instance, with the WordCandy I'm posting here, I could say, "Write a post about a time you felt you were undone and reborn. Feel free to borrow my candy and link back here, which I love." (sure, go ahead and do the prompt :)

4. You'd love to play a game with your blogging community. Why not challenge them to a candy conversation? (Sure, I could challenge you now: post a candy that talks back to my candy posted above and links back here. Drop a comment with your post link, to let me know we're sweet-talking).

5. You're a Pinterest fan, or you have followers who are Pinterest fans. You know that quotes with images are oh-so-pinnable, which is better news for your blog traffic than Google

That's it. If you can think of any more great reasons to blog WordCandy, I'd love to hear them! And in the meantime, we can share sweets. Have one? It's chocolate cherry. :)

On, In and Around Mondays (which partly means you can post any day and still add a link) is an invitation to write from where you are. Tell us what is on, in, around (over, under, near, by...) you. Feel free to write any which way... compose a tight poem or just ramble for a few paragraphs. But we should feel a sense of place. Would you like to try? Write something 'in place' and add your link below.

If you could kindly link back here when you post, it will create a central meeting place. :)

On In Around button

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Blogger TUC said...

I left a link to Candy Kisses... whenever I feel reborn, I want kisses.

Thanks for the great idea for an in-between post.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Whoops I put my link in the wrong spot, but nevertheless my candy is talking to your candy over on the brighter side!

8:33 PM  
Blogger LOLITA said...

Thanks for letting us know about WordCandy.Me.

I went to the page and I didn't know what to do at first. Then I had to login to FB, and choose from the three buttons. I choose On Poets and I like what was displayed. And I think it can really serve as a writing prompt. It tickles the imagination.... what little words are, you can go around it and write.

Thanks. I came to your sight seeing the link on other blogs I read.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous kingfisher said...

Does one have to be on Facebook in order to use Word Candy?

May you continue to find inspiration in beautiful things, Laura. And may His Inspiration fill you from head to toe with Himself!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I love it when On, In and Around Mondays comes on Wednesday. It gives me a chance to catch up!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Dolly@Soulstops said...

Thanks, L.L., for introducing us to Wordcandy...especially sweet for a photographically-challenged person like me...linked up using Wordcandy :)

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Dolly@Soulstops said...

oops! Did not mean "photographically-challenged"...meant to say, challenged in my ability to take good photographs...Happy Saturday, Laura :)

1:02 PM  
Blogger Joe Pote said...

Word Candy, huh?

Oh my. Every time I start thinking I'm getting the social media thing figured out, something new comes out, for me to learn...

I love the learning part...just have trouble finding time... ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'll have to check that out. I'm always looking for a way to share a nice quote. And I've got to make my posts more "pinnable"

12:26 PM  
Blogger Laurie Collett said...

Awesome idea! I love the match of quote & photo. Thanks for the great post and for hosting the linkup, & God bless,

4:39 PM  
Anonymous KChripczuk said...

Having a hard time linking my post this time. I didn't do the word candy, but, wrote about place. Any suggestions?

11:34 AM  

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