Thursday, August 24, 2006

The 1% Rule

Sometime, I'll tell you about the 1% Rule that bloggers discuss. It's a kind of business & marketing thing, about participation levels, which I'm still trying to grasp.

But, today, here's Pollan's thought from Second Nature. He's talking about physical life...

"Everything that lives is [at least] 95% water...tell me the watermelon is 99% water and you still haven't told me anything interesting— like what about the 1%? Because chances are that's where you're going to find the watermelon." (p.141)

The same could be said about the relevance of writers, bloggers... it's simple to say, "Here is life. See this news?" It's hard to grasp the fine art of scrubbing up that 1%... the place, the location, the center of What It All Really Means.

But, still, I reach for the scrub brush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I heard NPR commentator Daniel Schorr speak on a similar subject. He said even with so much "news" information available to anyone who knows how to use the internet, it doesn't mean we all know what's going on in the world. If anything, we are becoming a less informed society.

What's missing? According to Schorr, ANALYSIS -- someone to tell us what it all means. In a word, the 1%.

3:53 PM  

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