Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Low-Level Ecstasy

Bill Bryson, hiking the Appalachian Trail, made this observation...

"If there is one thing the AT teaches, it is low-level ecstasy..." In other words, being happy, giddy, ecstatic, with the simplest of pleasures...

Here's a simple pleasure I happened upon this past Sunday, after I reluctantly agreed to hike with my family.

We rounded a curve of path, only to find a sea of milkweed. Each milkweed leaf, it seemed, was a lightly-tethered boat bobbing in the air. A sudden breeze pulsed through...gathered like a wave... and, then... a spray of white butterflies dashed skyward from a dozen green prows.

I turned to look at my companion, my daughter, and her brown eyes were wide, shining.

To think I almost missed this for the illusion of high-level, more important things at home.


Blogger Inihtar said...

Cliched as it is, it's often when you least expect them that the most wonderful things happen -- be they earth-shattering, life-changing events, or simple glimpses of heaven, like yours, that leave you with goosebumps.

10:36 AM  

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