Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Don't Need a Degree to Find Your Voice


This excerpt of Rumors of Water ran at Jane Friedman's. If you don't know Jane, you want to, you just don't know it yet. :)

She was named a Top 10 Woman Entrepreneur by Forbes recently. And, she is a vibrant, knowledgable person in the publishing industry.

Jane gave the Rumors excerpt an intriguing title 'You Don't Need a Degree to Find Your Voice,' and I think it really hit a chord with people. I say that because when I shared it on Facebook, 95 people "liked" the post and 55 people shared it.

Here's the beginning, and if you are curious you can read the rest at Jane's place...

I am opening a jar of green tea from Granada, Spain. It’s an old salsa jar, without its label. The tea is silvery and reminds me of those pictures I’ve seen of the mountain mist in China. There are curls of lavender flowers. Bits of orange peel. I am not surprised about the peels. When we went to Granada, we were told that a nearby city, Sevilla, blooms with orange-scented flowers so strong you can almost smell them in your dreams. When the flowers fall, the oranges come. On every tree-lined street, there is citrus for the taking...

Continue reading at Jane Friedman's

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Blogger David Rupert said...

I didnt like it on Facebook, but I'm liking it here :)

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Simply Darlene said...

Well, I don't even do FB, but I licked it, I mean liked it in my house when I read the chapter from the book. On second thought, maybe I did lick it. I tasted so good and was refreshing to know what I don't have to know in order to write.

I'll click the linky-do now...


10:36 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

I’m been meaning to leave you a comment, so here I go. I’m enjoying Rumors of Water. It’s a gentle read, just my taste. I’ll check out said article by Jane Friedman too. No, you don’t need a degree to find your voice. In fact, you don’t need a degree for most of what really matters in life.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous JoDee Luna said...

I'm not surprised that your book made it onto Jane's website. Your writing is in a league all its I dream of joining when I grow up in the craft. Congratulations!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Stacy Wills said...

i can't remember how i got here...but i'm so glad i did! looking forward to reading your book.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Reno K Lawrence said...

c"Our voice will be better developed if we spend time with our passions. Learn the difference between a tangerine and a tangelo. Consider the variation in their blooms, and the place where their nectar beads."

God! I need to hear more encouragement like this! I imagine I am in the pit with so many others who have passions, dreams, gifts to share, and feel so entirely intimidated by the waves of brilliant formally educated writers, thinkers, with voices
equally as valuable as the one, I know, God gave me. Writing has been such a release for me, my unique person, and the benefits of spending time, even hours writing, regardless of the outcome has resulted in a spiritual liberation that agrees with everything I know I want to do. Please keep exploring this thesis and share often. There are many of us that missed our calling, and feel it's not to late.

Blessings LL. I am glad to be in the shadows of your voice and your work!

7:02 AM  

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