Friday, September 28, 2012

The Novelist Giveaway

"Her story makes me think hard about who I am—about who I want to be."

—Laura Boggess

Win The Novelist over at Laura Boggess's place? Winner will be announced on Monday.

More words about The Novelist

"she embarks on a process of discovering herself, the strength of her own center, and the power of both yes and no"

"This book is clever, very clever"

"a masterpiece"

"this work of fiction L.L. pulls off is like nothing I've ever read"

"Such a clever book that highlights some of the tried and true rules of writing fiction and then breaks them all. Wonderfully"

"a stunning, tightly woven delight for the intellect and heart"

"laser-like reflection"

"Barkat reminds us we are not alone"

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